buildex tapcon
buildex tapcon

The Tapcon® anchor was patented in 1976 by ITW Buildex as the first masonry screw. The revolutionary fastener quickly became the Professionals Choice for its installation ease and holding strength when attaching items to concrete, block, and brick.

So what makes a Buildex Tapcon blue screw blue? The product is made with a Climaseal® coating, applied in multiple stages using dip-spin technology, to provide extra corrosion resistance. The color of this coating created a new term in the fastener industry—the blue screw.

Do you know? Tapcon stands for “An anchor that TAPs its own threads/grooves into CONcrete.”

Others have since imitated, but no other product can match the performance of the original concrete anchor. Ask for Buildex Tapcon by name—The True Blue Screw™.